Open Socializing
ECSACONM provides a platform for open socializing of members which allows free blending of nurses across the spectrum from the young and novice to the very senior with no usual formal boundaries.

It is a platform of sharing knowledge and experiences through biennial scientific conferences.

ECSACONM equips its members with skills in various areas:
- Sign language,
- Research,
- Leadership and management,
- Reproductive health,
- Infection prevention,
- Mental health and many more

Policy Development
ECSACONM develops policy documents that become reference material on the areas of education and practice in the country.

Ecsaconm actively mentors young nursing students and mid-wives in the profession.
This takes place under four faculties: - 

  • Education: We provide training of nurses as an indispensable role in improving the quality of patient care
  • Clinical Practice: Advancing knowledge about health care by continually developing and testing new ideas
  • Leadership Management: Promoting leadership and management -a necessity in institutional value addition
  • Research: Application of formal gathering of data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge.